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Weight loss journey week 6

Wow! Week 6 already in my weight loss journey. It’s good to report that I am making progress in my weight loss.  However, I want to remind everyone that what I am doing is about losing weight and gaining muscle. So, I have to be on top of my nutrition. Also, it is more challenging […]

Weight loss journey Week 5

Weight loss Journey week 4 recap Before we get into this week, let’s recap what happened last week. And my weight last week.I had a minor injury last week, or you may not even call it injury. My right achilles heel started to hurt. I didn’t want to stress the injury by putting pressure on […]

My weight loss journey week 4

Weight loss journey last week recap Well, well, well. I made it to week four without going crazy! Moreover, I lost weight. Here’s a recap of last week. I only had one rest day. Last week, I did my resistance training for six days and five days of cardio. I could feel the aches on […]

My weight loss journey Week 3

Weight loss journey – Starting weight Today starts the third week of my weight loss journey.  The scale was playing up; it was giving two different kinds of numbers. One is 68.7 kg, and the other is 69 kg. Which one do I record? I decided to go for a higher number.  So, my starting […]

My weight loss journey Week 2

Weight loss journey Week 2 – starting weight This week is the second week of my weight loss journey, and I’m defeated. Filipino parties are detrimental to weight loss journeys, too much yum yums. Then I just realized that my birthday party is coming up, then my cousin on the 10th, and three more next […]

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