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If you are not happy with any of the items, we will give you your money back. The best part is that you don’t have to return anything to us, saving you time and money.

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All supplements are carefully examined by an independent third party to ensure compliance and safety.

Our supplements’ formulas are based on human clinical trials, not on mice. Mice are different types of species. Buying supplements that are only tested on mice is asking for trouble.

We take our own supplements and recommend them to all our friends and family. We are confident that our supplements are safe and will bring you life-changing benefits.

For every product purchased, $2 goes towards the fight against cancer because frankly, cancer sux. Read more.

Scientifically proven

Research-based formulation to enhance the effectiveness and safety of our supplements.

High quality ingredients

Not all ingredients are the same. Stringent quality checks ensures that you only get products that are safe to use and effective.

Money back guarantee

If you’re not happy, we are not happy. You will get your money back.

Third-party tested

Independent third party examines the final product before it goes out into the market.

Made in the USA

Our supplements are made in the United States. Safe materials and no contaminants.

FDA registered

All our supplements are made in an FDA approved facility.

GMP certified

Manufactured using the highest standards of good manufacturing practices.

Secure checkout

With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption you are guaranteed that your purchases are safe.

Real talk from our real customers

I tried other brands of green coffee. But, Healthful Papa’s Green Coffee 50% GCA is the only one that helped me lose weight. I don’t feel the urge to eat plenty while on this supplement. My workouts feel like I am losing plenty of calories. 

Jen Baniaga

I received Healthful Papa’s Green Coffee Extract earlier this year. It’s been almost a month and I’m so excited to say that I’ve lost about 2 kilos since then. 

Michelle Tantoco

I was on low carb diets before and I could easily get to ketosis when I was younger. At 44, I can’t seem to get there. This MCT oil did the trick. I used to take the liquid type of MCT oils and add it to my coffee, but this is way more convenient. Thank you. Good product.

Todd Maccally

I don’t write reviews ever, but I make this an exception. This helped me get back to doing what I love. My back and knee pain are gone!!! Hopefully, I won’t be taking anymore Advils! Thank you. this is a lifesaver!

Mitch T.

I’ve been having this pain in my lower back for some time now. And, I have plenty of weight to lose so I bought this. I don’t know if it will help me lose weight but it’s working wonders for my back.

Antoinne Wanabi

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