Healthful Papa is maintained and curated by Christian Tanobey. A father of the most energetic child on the planet, he is also an expert in weight loss. Studying the science behind losing weight for decades, he has helped hundreds of people lose weight including himself.

What led him to acquire knowledge in losing weight was his desire to be healthy and funnily enough, “he wants to look good naked.” With those goals in mind, he set out on a path to healthy eating and countless hours of cardio.

In 6 months he has achieved his desired goal to “look good naked.”

Since then, he has never looked back.

Other than photos of him losing weight and numbers of people who will attest to his methods, he has nothing to show as credentials. He needed something tangible saying that he is a weight loss expert.

Then he came across an internationally recognized course in weight loss approved by the CPD Institute.

The CPD Standards Office prides itself on the thorough assessment and accreditation service. It offers training and learning providers to ensure the overall company mission is delivered.

Combining his past knowledge and experience, he breezed through the course and finished with distinction. Making him an internationally recognized expert in weight loss.

diploma in weight loss

Christian is not the type who touches dumbells and grow Hulk guns, he is quite the opposite. His metabolism is as slow as a snail and it’s not getting any better. His genes make it hard for him to gain muscle mass, plus, he loves to eat, A LOT!

To make it worse, he combines his gluttonous habit with love for sweets. He had a lot to overcome to achieve his weight loss. When asked how he did it, his response was, “It’s all in the mind, grit, and determination.”

This website is for people who want to learn how to lose body fat and build muscle mass naturally. Christian is a great advocate of alternative health but doesn’t mind the power of Science.

He advises that if you are going the natural route, take note of your prescribed medicines as to not have a conflict or potential side effects.

Researching and writing articles on this site about health-related topics, especially weight loss, is his way of helping other people similar to him achieve goals they never thought possible.