Fat burning zone calculator (NEW and SAFER formula)

This fat burning zone calculator will determine your ideal heartbeat per minute to burn body fat.

Before you start, you need to find out your maximum heart rate by going to our maximum heart rate calculator.

Then input your maximal heartbeat per minute in the field below.

Fat burning zone calculator

Workout level

This is self-explanatory. Click on the button that best describes how pump you are with your workout.

Or, you can use your fitness level to help you decide. I’d recommend for beginners to start with the first option.

Semi-fit would be best to choose the middle option.

The ninja can choose the bottom option, “shutup and work!”

Why do you need to know your fat burning zone?

fat burning zone calculator
fat burning zone calculator

The reason why you need to find what your fat burning zone is to prevent risks such as overexerting, leading to injuries.

You might think the only way to burn fat is to sweat hard and have your heart pounding like a stampeding bison.

You will be glad to know that you don’t have to be huffing and puffing to hit your fat-burning zone.

Don’t believe me? Just put in your maximum heart rate in the calculator and voila! Your fat-burning zone will show up.

How do you find your maximum heart rate? As I detailed above, you just need to go to our maximum heart rate calculator.

Tanaka formula

Our fat burning zone calculator uses the latest formula as do our maximum heart rate calculator.

Is the old formula obsolete? Well, no. There are trainers who have not learned of the new formula and uses the old one without any problems.

The reason for changes was that the old formula to find the max heart rate is not accurate for older people. Someone by the name of Tanaka decided to come up with a new formula. Thus the new method was Aptly named, “the Tanaka formula.”

[source: Age-predicted maximal heart rate revisited.]

When you don’t need a fat burning zone calculator

This fat burning zone calculator helps you recognize when you are in the fat burning zone.

Once you know the amount of effort for you to lose the fat, you won’t have to use this calculator.

You will know the amount of effort you have to exert to enter your ideal zone.

How do you like using the fat burning zone calculator? Do let us know how we can improve. Enjoy.