Do sit ups burn belly fat? The simple TRUTH.

Some people, including trainers, still think that sit up is solely for targeting the fat in the abdominal area. 

While some trainers will tell you that using sit up to flatten your stomach is a load of horse dung.

With so many opinions, both online and offline, what is the real answer?

Do sit ups burn belly fat?

Let’s dig deeper.

Do sit ups burn belly fat?

The simple truth is that sit-ups do not burn belly fat. 

I can see why people would think that doing ab crunches will lose the fat in your midsection. 

When you do crunches, it feels like you are targetting your abs because that’s where you feel the burn. 

In reality, the only thing you are burning is the calories. 

If you are confused, let me explain.

So, sit-ups don’t target your fat in your belly, but rather it helps strengthen your core muscles. 

There is no such thing as targetting fats. For example, women want to drop the fat without losing their booty. This cannot be done unless you opt for surgery.

Your body chooses where to store the fat, not you or your trainer. 

The only way to lose your fat is to go on a calorie deficit. 

When you do sit-ups, you are expending energy, and with it decreasing the calories you put into your body.

However, performing sit-ups is not significant enough to put you on a calorie deficit. 

You need to incorporate cardio and diet together with your strength training.

When you do all these things collectively, when you take out more than you take in, you will lose fat. 

It’s that simple. 

Yet, many people are still obese. 

There is much misinformation out there on the internet. Getting the right information is an excellent start to combat obesity. 

When you know the right way, and you have the correct mindset, you will find success.

Exercises to lose belly fat

Now you know that doing sit-ups is not the ideal way to lose belly fat, you should learn other exercises that would.

The effective method to burn belly fat is by performing a variety of cardio. I said variety because, as you know, doing one thing for a long time can get a little tiring.

So, change things up.

The following is what I recommend:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Skipping rope
  • Shadowboxing

You can do all these without any equipment which I prefer because I hate paying for gym memberships and I’m cheap.


group of people walking

There are many cardiovascular activities you can do to lose your belly fat. One of them is as simple as walking. 

Walking is a great way to lose fat while negating joint injuries; it has less impact on your knees compared to running or skipping ropes.

Also, it is excellent for beginners to sustain.

The problem with high-intensity workouts such as running is that it can be hard when you first start. 

And, I doubt that you can last more than 10 minutes running before you hit the stop button. 


Running is probably the first thing you think of doing when you want to lose weight. That’s what I did. 

I started running for miles when I started my weight loss journey. You see, most people, including me, tend to think that you have to sweat heaps to get rid of your body fat. 

That is not the case; you don’t have to sweat like a pig to be losing fat.

Sweating doesn’t burn calories. The job of your sweat is to help your body cool down. 

You will lose weight, but the only weight you are losing is water weight, which is temporary.

So, let’s establish that sweating makes you lose weight briefly.

As long as you are in a calorie deficit for the week, you will lose weight, and with it, fats — permanently.


man swimming

The worst thing about cardio for some people is the feeling of sweat dripping down their bodies. 

I know some friends who are repulsed by it. They are the OCD types who hate the feeling of dirt and ewww at the sight of disorganization.

So, for my OCD peeps, you should try swimming as your go-to cardio to burn belly fat.

Swimming will make your workouts feel fresh as the water will wash away the sweat off your body. 

Skipping rope

woman jumping

Using the rope will not only make you lose belly fat but will also strengthen your calf muscles. 

It’s normal to be bad at skipping from the start; you might only be able to do 2. 

Don’t give up, though; you sucked at everything when you first started. So, don’t let your couple of tries demotivate you. Repetition is the key.


Shadowboxing is great to incorporate into your cardio strategy. However, before you start doing shadowboxing, learn the basics of boxing first, so you don’t look like a fool when avid boxing practitioners look at your form. You can have a look at this channel to learn the basics:


Do sit ups burn belly fat? The simple answer is no. 

The next question you should be asking now is how to burn belly fat? The following is a link which goes to much more detail:

You can’t target which part of fat to lose. So, if a trainer suggests otherwise, run for the hills. Sit-ups will NOT burn belly fat; it is only part of the equation. Incorporating cardio, strength training, and diet will get you the maximum chance of success. 

The following exercises are what you should be adding to your regimen:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Skipping rope
  • Shadowboxing

Looking forward to hearing about your success.


How to burn belly fat?

To burn belly fat, you have to be in a caloric deficit. Also, hitting your fat burning zone can also get rid of your belly fat.

How to do sit-ups?

Lay on your back.
Bend your knees so your legs form a 45 degree angle.
Cup your ears with your hands or put your hands on the back of your head.
Lift yourself off the floor using only your core muscles while exhaling.
Don’t help with your hands.
Aim to touch your knees with your forehead.
Slowly lower your back down onto the floor.

Do crunches burn belly fat?

No, crunches do not burn belly fat. What it does do is that it helps tone your abs and strengthen your core muscles.