Foods to avoid to lose belly and back fat

belly and back fat

Losing your belly and back fat is hard, but it can be done.

What you need to do, starting today, is to make a lot of sacrifices.

Also, you need to gain a little bit of nutrition knowledge.

One of them is knowing the foods to avoid to lose belly and back fat.

Simple foods to avoid to lose belly and back fat 

The following are foods to avoid to lose belly and back fat. If you are serious about losing those excess flaps and looking lean, get rid of these foods in your diet today.

1. Cakes


Cakes are made of lots of sugar and fat— a deadly combo to an early grave. Eating cakes will only give you a short burst of energy. Leaving you hungry again in no time at all. 

If you need something sweet, try having a banana, mango, or even dark chocolate.

2. White bread

white bread

White bread too contains a lot of sugar and are proven to spike blood sugar levels. Studies also showed that having more than 2 white pieces of bread a day increases the chance of obesity.

[source: Glycemic load, glycemic index, bread and incidence of overweight/obesity in a Mediterranean cohort: the SUN project.]

3. Ice cream

ice cream

I know it’s good, right. However, this fluffy sugar-laden goodness is terrible for you when you are trying to lose your belly fat.

Even if you are not trying to lose weight, it’s essential to recognize that overconsumption of sugar can harm your health in the long term.

Do you know what made it easy for me to get rid of my sugar cravings? That is, not have sugar at all. 

You see, one taste of sugar will have you wanting more. So, it’s best not to.

4. Deep-fried foods, potato chips, french fries


Contrary to popular belief that deep-fried foods lose their nutrients due to high-temperature cooking, studies have shown that is not the case. For example, french potato fries had the same Vitamin C concentrations as a raw potato. 

[source: Nutrient losses and gains during frying: a review.]

Since the food is being cooked in hot temperatures, oxidation occurs. Harmful compounds form after oil oxidation that can lead to deadly diseases in the future.

The real worry is the number of harmful chemicals that are transferred to the food after frying. 

Most oils that are used when deep frying by commercial stores uses cheap oils such as canola or vegetable oil. Canola or vegetable oils oxidize reasonably quickly when it comes to high heat. 

The best oil alternative when it comes to deep-frying is olive oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil. Studies have shown that olive oils are more resistant to oxidation compared to vegetable oils.

Don’t let others fool you when they say to only use extra virgin olive oil for your salad and not for deep frying. They are not doing their due diligence and potentially harming the reader through misinformation.

[source: Olive oil stability under deep-frying conditions.]

5. Sodas, pops, soft drinks


These drinks are full of sugar, and best be avoided. I remember my brother buying a 1-liter cup for his Coke. He mentioned that the 250 ml cup is not satisfying enough. 

I don’t know what he meant, but I think he was just lazy to keep pouring coke into his cup. He gained a significant amount of weight. 

Sugar is an empty calorie that adds nothing but harm to your body. Sodas have also been linked to obesity and diabetes.

6. Diet sodas, diet pops, diet soft drinks

diet sodas

You may think that you are safe if you change to a sugar-free drink, but you are mistaken. It may reduce calories, but studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between diabetes and diet beverages. 

[source: Diet Soda and Sugar-Sweetened Soda Consumption in Relation to Incident Diabetes in the Northern Manhattan Study]

The best way to get rid of soda in your diet is to replace it with a healthier alternative. No, not the diet or sugar-free kinds. 

Try mixing your water with lemon. Drink water by itself or get used to drinking tea. I know teas can be overly bitter, but you get used to it. 

Teas are incredibly healthy that your body will thank you for it. 

Breaking bad habits, especially yummy habits, can be hard, if not impossible. 

But if someone who has been used to eating a whole cheesecake in one sitting in his entire life can make that drastic change, why can’t you?

7. Beer


Calories in 1 can of beer are about 150. Most people drink more than 1 or 2 easily. Before you know it, they are on their 6th beer. That is 900 calories already! 

How many times has it happened to you? You say to yourself; I will drink just a few. Then the next thing you know, you are sitting in a cubicle with your head in the toilet.

8. Fruit juices

fruit juice

Fruit juices are highly processed and loaded with sugar. It’s as bad as drinking a regular soda, or even worse. 

If you must drink fruit juices, look for juices that are 100% fruit juice without the added sugar and preservatives.

9. Animal fats

We all know the best part of the pork is the pork belly. Why? It’s because it has the most fat. 

When it’s a crackling pork belly, who can resist? You will have to develop the powers to resist the temptation of the crackling.

Just look at this photo.

pork belly

Animal fats are calorie-dense food. A few grams of these bad boys will have you doing half of your daily calorie intake. 

Best to limit the amount you eat. 


You probably already know that the foods to avoid to lose belly and back fat are the good ones right? Good foods that are so yummy but are killing you.

However, even when people know which type of foods to avoid, it’s too hard because they “love” food too much. 

Especially today, when food and cooking shows have exploded all over television. Heck, there is now even a dedicated channel about food and cooking.

My sister in law had always been skinny until she fell in love with food. Now, she doesn’t even care that she is close to being obese.

When the truth is told, that she is borderline, her reply is annoying. “I love food too much to be healthy.”

Now, she is only young, and she hasn’t experienced any medical issues— yet.

When she does, and if it was significant, her perspective on fat will change.

Hopefully, it won’t be too late.

These are the foods to avoid to lose belly and back fat. You can limit them or avoid them altogether. You will lose your belly and back fat, eventually. 

Stick to the diet regime, don’t falter, you will see results.