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Benefits of vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids that are good and responsible for the increased intestinal intake or absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and a lot of other biological elements. 

It is also known that vitamin D from diet or skin synthesis is biologically inactive; hence the only known way it can be activated is by the two protein enzyme hydroxylation steps. 

The first is in the liver, while the second is in the kidney.

Vitamin D deficiency

Obtaining the optimal amount of vitamin D is very important. It is needed for the body to function well; hence lacking the required amount of vitamin D the body needs to work well can lead to vitamin D deficiency. 

This occurs due to different reasons such as lack of enough skin exposure to sunlight or not eating enough foods known to have a good and reputable amount of vitamin D content in them. 

Vitamin D deficiency, or in other words, lack of enough vitamin D in the body, can lead to a lot of harmful and adverse effects, which may include fatigue, mood change, bone pains, and many more. 

Like any unhealthy state of the body, these effects can be of significant obstacle or disturbance to one’s usual way of life.

It is essential to note that, at times, the natural intake of vitamin D can be beyond one’s control; this can be due to several reasons such as geography, health condition, and the general nature of how the human body works. 

Vitamin D supplements and their importance

Uncontrollable certainties like weather, climate, and geographical location can prevent absorbing enough vitamin D the body may need. 

Hence, with situations like this on the ground, the use of Vitamin D supplements comes into play because it can help meet the required quantity the body needs for better functionalities.  

According to research carried out within the united states, it has been said that the number of people who attain vitamin D sufficiency has dropped by about 50% between the early 1990s and 2000s. 

This rapid decrease results from changes in the way people live, which may include drinking less milk and the use of sunscreens. In cases like this, people who intend to increase their vitamin D intake mostly switch to vitamin D supplements.

The Importance of vitamin D supplements is very much about the same as that of the average vitamin D from food and sunlight. Still, this time, it is said to increase the potential and importance of Vitamin D obtained from food, animals, and sunlight in the body by a tremendous and reputable amount. Below are the benefits of vitamin D supplements.

  • Strengthen bones
  • Mood
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Treatmen of hypertension
  • Reduce cancer risk

Strengthen bones

Vitamin D is of great importance to the healthy development of the bones and muscles by the absorption of calcium. This is so because if the body doesn’t have enough and the required amount of Vitamin D to absorb calcium in the body.

Researches have proven that without enough vitamin D, the body extracts calcium out of the bone, which negatively affects them by making the bone weak and prone to osteoporosis.

Still, if the body has the optimal amount of vitamin D needed, this will help absorb calcium inside the intestine. As a result, calcium won’t need to be extracted from the bone.


Mood: According to past research on people with depression and a few other issues associated with mental health, a conclusion has been made that most people with these issues are commonly known to have vitamin D deficiencies.

Although it isn’t sure if vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading causes of mental problems or not, one particular thing is that it has been well studied and proven that enough intake of vitamin D has a positive impact on the brain.

Hence increasing the vitamin D level in the body has helped in the tackling of depression and other mental health problems. Therefore it is said to be a current part of the treatment.

Healthy pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy:  Pregnant women with low Vitamin D are said to be at a much greater risk of developing preeclampsia and giving birth to preterm babies. Also, medical experts have proven that a low rate of vitamin D in pregnant women can lead to other harmful effects such as bacterial vaginosis and gestational diabetes, which can put the pregnant woman’s life at risk if care and the proper measures aren’t taken on time.

Treatment of hypertension

Treatment of Hypertension: According to a review of current Protein & Peptide Science published in 2019, it was suggested that vitamin D could play a very prominent role in tackling and treating high blood pressure.

This is so extreme to the extent that according to the journal published, it has been stated that even the slightest and minimum deficiency of vitamin D can lead to an increase in blood pressure within that period.

Also, it has been discovered that this deficiency can lead to some sort of organ damages. Due to the high linkage between vitamin D and hypertension, medical experts are now beginning to consider vitamin D supplements as part of a treatment for hypertension.

Reduce cancer risk

Reduces the risk of cancer: Researches have proven that men and women with high vitamin D are said to come with about 20 percent lower cancer risk rate, unlike people with low vitamin D rates, whose case is more of the vice versa.

However, it isn’t still clear how vitamin D effectively lowers the risk of cancer. Still, a few discoveries were put in place as to why it is slightly effective in some aspects, such as the fact that it has anti-inflammatory effects, which means that with this, it interferes with the cancer cell pathways. 


The use of vitamin D supplements can result from different reasons, so one should understand how to use and take them. 

In this case, one must reach a health expert for a professional prescription before using the vitamin D supplements. 

Also, people need to understand that excess or too much vitamin D in the body can also come with its adverse effects, which means that no matter what, one should contact a medical expert before use.

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