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Weight loss journey month 5

Today is January 23 and I’m checking in. I worked hard to lose 4 kilos but I’m now back to square one. I’ve gained more than 3 kilos and I’m almost 69 kilograms. Zero point 4 grams away from my original weight. Well, to be precise, my biggest was 72. But, I didn’t start documenting […]

Weight loss journey week 9

Wow, week 9. Seems like only yesterday that I started this weight loss journey. Let’s do a recap. Weight loss journey week 8 recap Well, I lost 1 kilogram and that’s good enough for me. And, my starting weight for week 8 was 66.5 kilograms. Day 60 Monday, October 19, 2020 Weight: 65.5 kilogram Body […]

Weight loss journey week 8

Well, it’s another start of a weight loss journey. And, I’ve made it to week 8 without stopping. Okay, let’s do a recap last week.  Weight loss journey week 7 recap Well, nothing really interesting happened except that I bought a Bonsai plant. Very happy with my purchase.  Also, I started the jump rope challenge. […]

Weight loss journey week 6

Wow! Week 6 already in my weight loss journey. It’s good to report that I am making progress in my weight loss.  However, I want to remind everyone that what I am doing is about losing weight and gaining muscle. So, I have to be on top of my nutrition. Also, it is more challenging […]

My weight loss journey week 4

Weight loss journey last week recap Well, well, well. I made it to week four without going crazy! Moreover, I lost weight. Here’s a recap of last week. I only had one rest day. Last week, I did my resistance training for six days and five days of cardio. I could feel the aches on […]

My weight loss journey Week 2

Weight loss journey Week 2 – starting weight This week is the second week of my weight loss journey, and I’m defeated. Filipino parties are detrimental to weight loss journeys, too much yum yums. Then I just realized that my birthday party is coming up, then my cousin on the 10th, and three more next […]

My Weight Loss Journey Week 1

Weight loss journey Week 1 – Starting weight Day 1 is the official start of my weight loss journey, but it fell on a Friday. But, I wanted the beginning of the week on Mondays. Day 1, Friday, 21, August 2020 is officially the first day. But, let’s start week 1 on the 24th of […]

My weight loss journey

I am documenting my weight loss journey for the world to see. Why am I doing it when I am so introverted and shy about my belly fat? If I can help one person, I’d be happy. The journey will be hard, I know, I’ve been here before. But, I think it’s time to lose […]

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