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Complete Collagen (Ultimate Collagen Formula)

Complete Collagen (Ultimate Collagen Formula)


  • Ultimate super collagen blend – our collagen peptide pills feature a blend of bovine, chicken, eggshell, avian sternum, and marine collagen sources, including types 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10.
  • High dose  – Our extra strength collagen capsules are blended carefully and included the right amount for maximum potency.
  • All vital collagen to improve health – we include all 5 types of collagen hydrolysate at the maximum amount for supreme benefits, including anti-aging and healthier hair, skin and nails. Also supports stronger joints and bones while aiding in digestion and gut health. Why settle for only one type or two? You can have all 5 in one easy-to-swallow convenient capsule?
  • Backed by research – All our blends are backed by scientific data. No marketing hype or gimmicks.

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Everything you need in a collagen capsule

Collagen is like the glue that holds the body together. It is the most abundant protein in the body and it can be found in muscle, skin, cartilage, bones, and blood just to name a few of the important roles it plays in the body.

With its many benefits and uses, it’s easy to understand why everyone of all ages is trying to get their hands on this vital supplement. Now you can have the ultimate collagen supplement to enhance and improve your health.

Complete Collagen supports:

  • Glowing skin*
  • Gorgeous hair*
  • Thick and healthy nails*
  • Joint health*
  • Skin elasticity*
  • Muscle and fat burn*

Our body creates collagen, however, as we age, we make less. That’s why as we get older, our skin is riddled with wrinkles, loose skin, and aching joints. Collagen gives you a building block to help us keep looking and feeling young.

Collagen Capsules

What’s the difference between collagen capsules and powders?

Well, collagen capsules and collagen powders are the same. Of course, the obvious difference is that one is encapsulated and one is not.

Capsules are typically made of a plant protein called cellulose. And, this capsule quickly dissolves when it reaches the stomach.

Why collagen capsules and not collagen powder?

It really depends on what you’re after in a supplement. If you want convenience, go with capsules. If you want versatility, such as mix collagen in drinks, go for powder.

We do recommend not heating up collagen powder because of degradation.

A study shows that collagen’s initial degradation starts around 302 degrees Fahrenheit.
[source: Thermal denaturation studies of collagen by microthermal analysis and atomic force microscopy]


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