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Erectile Problems and COVID: Studies Reveal Shocking Results

In some people who have COVID-19, they may have some problems with their penis. For example, they may not be able to get a hard-on. A study was done to describe the differences in the penile tissue of patients who recovered from symptomatic COVID-19 infection and subsequently developed severe erectile dysfunction (ED).

This article will look at erectile problems and COVID-19. Men now have one more reason to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Doctors think that getting this virus might make it hard for you to perform in bed.

People had COVID-19 that got them sick. It made their blood vessels hurt. When they got better, they couldn’t have sex. They found the virus in penile tissue samples from two people who were no longer sick. They think it might have happened six or eight months ago, but it’s not known for sure yet.

Erectile problems and covid tests

The tissue was collected from patients with penises that had surgery for a penile prosthesis. Two men with COVID-19 infection and two without it were observed under the microscope. First, they looked at the penis. Then, after doing some tests, the tissue was also observed under the microscope to see what it would look like if there were a COVID-19 infection.

The tissues were collected and analyzed to measure how well the blood vessels in your body work. It was also looked at to see if there was a difference when the person had been vaccinated against HPV. The blood from people who have been vaccinated is different from those who have not been vaccinated regarding how well the cells help grow new blood vessels.

Erectile dysfunction and covid results

In patients with COVID-19, they found extra-large viral particles near the penile blood vessels. They found these particles by using a peplomer test. In this study, they also found that the COVID-19 was present in these people’s blood and that it caused decreased levels of eNOS in their bodies (this is an enzyme that makes nitric oxide). So the only thing different about these groups is whether or not they had the COVID-19 virus.


The study concludes that COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction. They came to that conclusion after looking at cells in people’s penises after they got infected with COVID-19. More studies on COVID-19 and erectile problems should be done to figure out what is happening and how it is happening to tell people infected with COVID-19 what might happen in the future.

[source: COVID-19 Endothelial Dysfunction Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction]

Here’s a clip from GMA talking about the possibility that COVID-19 may cause erectile problems.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton talks about erectile dysfunction and COVID-19

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