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The Ultimate Fertility Supplements For Men To Knock Her Up!

Many fertility supplements exist for women, but what about men? The truth is that fertility supplements for men are not as well known or understood. However, there are fertility supplements available to help increase sperm count and motility.

These fertility supplements can be used in conjunction with fertility treatments like IVF or IUI, or they can be taken alone. This blog post will go over the different types of male fertility supplements and how you should take them to maximize your chances of getting pregnant!

Fertility supplements for men

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jones,” the doctor said as he shook his head back and forth. “But your sperm count is so low that there’s no way to help you.”

A surge of hope flooded over me as I heard those words from my physician. After six months of trying to have a baby with my wife, we finally made an appointment to see a specialist about our fertility problems.

The previous week had been tough for us because it had been 2 years since we got married, and after all this time, we still weren’t pregnant.

The past few days also tested our patience because earlier in the week at work, I received word that they were going through some budget cuts without giving any details on what would happen to me.

I just wanted it all to go away, the fertility problems and the nervousness that I may lose my job.

Luckily for us, fertility supplements were able to help with both issues! We started taking fertility supplements together every day before bedtime instead of at breakfast like you’re supposed to do when trying to conceive a baby naturally.

We had tried this in our early days but quickly stopped because we weren’t getting pregnant right away, so we figured what was the point?

This time though, after about six months on fertility supplements, I finally knocked up my wife! It feels good knowing your little one is growing inside you even if they are still nothing more than a small collection of cells called an embryo.

man kissing a pregnant woman's belly

What fertility supplements are available for men?

Fertility supplements for men can be found in most pharmacies and your doctor’s office. They come in many different forms, including pills, liquid drops, sprays, or even fertility gels that you rub into your skin to get it absorbed before bedtime.

Some fertility supplements contain herbs like saw palmetto, while others have minerals like zinc, which help with hormone levels and sperm production.

There are also fertility supplements specifically designed to increase the volume of ejaculate so more healthy swimmers will be present at any given time! So how do fertility vitamins work? First, fertility vitamins don’t really “work.” You see, they aren’t medications per se but rather dietary supplements which mean they are intended to help nourish and support the fertility process.

What’s in fertility supplements?

Pregnenolone: This is a steroid hormone (like estrogen) that your body makes from cholesterol, vitamin D, or other precursors, which have been found to improve fertility for both men and women by boosting testosterone levels while also lowering some of the adverse effects on sperm production caused by stress.

Going through fertility treatments can be expensive and stressful, but you don’t have to rely on them alone if you’re experiencing fertility issues! Many supplements will help boost fertility naturally. Here’s a list of the most effective ones:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a significant role in male fertility because it helps with testosterone production as well as stimulating sperm cells, so they are correctly mature for fertilization.

Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiencies are prevalent these days due to lack of exposure to sunlight or living at latitudes too far north where UV rays aren’t strong enough during the winter months.

To ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs, make sure you get around 20 minutes of sun exposure every day without sunscreen. If you live where this isn’t possible during the winter months, consider taking a vitamin D3 with K2 supplement.


This mineral is also extremely important for male fertility—it has been linked to sperm health and testosterone levels, and fertility rates among couples who use it while trying to conceive naturally.

The recommended daily zinc intake per day is 15mg/day for adult men, but many multivitamin supplements include more than that—make sure you check your labels before buying anything. You can get additional zinc from oysters, red meat, or dark chocolate, though, so don’t worry if there are some days when you eat too little!

Vitamin C & Vitamin E

These vitamins are essential for fertility in men because they work together to protect sperm cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals—excessive amounts of which can seriously harm fertility rates.

You should find both vitamin C and E in the same supplement, so it is unnecessary to take them separately unless you would like additional doses (although no more than 400 IU/day of Vitamin E).


Magnesium fertility supplements are highly recommended for fertility in men because magnesium deficiencies have been linked to poor sperm motility—the ability of sperm cells to move correctly through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

The RDA (recommended daily allowance) is 320mg/day, but many fertility experts recommend doses as high as 450-500mg/day.

Long Jack Tongkat

Eurycoma longifolia Jack is a type of plant. It contains mainly quassinoids and other active substances, such as tirucallene-type triterpenes, squalene derivatives, biphenyl-neo-lignans, anthraquinones, canthin-6-one alkaloids, β-carboline alkaloids, and dimeric dihydrobenzofuran.

This plant has many medicinal properties, such as lower blood sugar levels and being able to kill bacteria. In addition, there have been studies on this plant that show it also increases testosterone levels in rats.

Fertility experts recommend doses as high as 450-500mg/day. Long Jack Tongkat is an excellent fertility supplement for men with many other health benefits besides increasing testosterone levels and fertility.

Consider taking fertility supplements for men that contain Long Jack and Magnesium.


I hope that this male fertility supplement guide can help you in some way or another, and that hope that it contributed positively to your fertility health.

When it comes to fertility, a healthy lifestyle is critical. Supplementing your diet with the proper nutrients will help improve sperm quality and quantity in ways that most other interventions cannot match.

Never take any supplement without first consulting with your doctor, though, even if they’re all natural!

I hope you enjoyed this fertility supplements for men guide – please leave me some comments below, letting me know what you think.

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