Green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Does it work?

I’ve tried green coffee bean extract to lose weight. 

Did it work?

I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 6.6 pounds in 3 weeks.

How does green coffee bean extract help with weight loss?

Let’s find out.

What is green coffee?

green coffee bean extract for weight loss

Green coffee is an unroasted form of coffee. Naturally, coffee beans come from red or yellow coffee fruits. But, after processing, only the pit remains, and its color is green. 

Although, technically, coffee is not categorized as beans. But, their shape resembles beans. So, if you look like a monkey, you’re a monkey. According to Wiki. 

Even though the coffee beans are not technically beans, they are referred to as such because they resemble actual beans. 

[source: coffee beans]

Essentially, green coffee is a pit from red or yellow coffee fruits. The fruit is typically discarded, and the pit is roasted to make coffee beans dark in color.

What is a green coffee extract?

A green coffee extract comes from green coffee beans right before it’s roasted. What makes green coffee beans valuable is their abundant chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that can help protect your body from heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

When a coffee bean is roasted, most of its chlorogenic acid is taken out. That’s why it’s best to extract the chlorogenic acid before the green coffee bean hits the roastery pan. 

And that’s how green coffee supplements are made—the essential essence of green coffee beans contained in one capsule.

Making it convenient and easy to get antioxidants into our bloodstream.

How does green coffee bean extract help with weight loss?

Green coffee extract or chlorogenic acid helps you lose weight by maintaining your hunger hormone levels. When you have your hunger hormones in check, your brain won’t tell your body to eat all the time.

Leptin is a hormone that tells your body to stop eating because you are full. However, if you are leptin resistant, your brain won’t get the message, which leads to eating more than you should. 

[source: Effects of green coffee extract supplementation on anthropometric indices, glycaemic control, blood pressure, lipid profile, insulin resistance and appetite in patients with the metabolic syndrome: a randomised clinical trial]

In another study, there was a decrease in leptin, including total cholesterol and fat. The conclusion was that Green coffee bean extract combined with an energy-restricted diet is an affordable method for weight control in obese people.

[source: Energy restriction combined with green coffee bean extract affects serum adipocytokines and the body composition in obese women]

Green coffee bean extract may help suppress appetite.

Best green coffee bean extract for weight loss

I started taking our Green Coffee 50 GCA four weeks ago. And I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 6.6 pounds in 3 weeks.

The first week was pretty much a write-off because I was sick. I was eating more to get more nutrients into my system to help with the flu. Moreover, I didn’t exercise much.

Also, I didn’t follow the instruction of taking green coffee capsules twice a day. I only took one a day.

The past three weeks, my workout routine was lax. I did three cardio sessions each week. My resistance training was lacking effort and was kept to thirty minutes or less.

My eating habit wasn’t the same as I didn’t feel the need to eat a lot. My usual double servings were cut to one. 

I was able to control my sweet tooth. I usually can’t hold back once I get a taste. It was different this time. I was able to stick to one serving of pavlova the other night. 

I believe that Green Coffee 50 GCA is the best green coffee bean extract for weight loss available. 

And others agree. 

Green coffee bean weight loss success stories

As mentioned, I tried our Green Coffee 50 GCA and successfully lost 6.6 pounds in 3 weeks. You can watch the videos in this Youtube playlist.

Here’s the story of Jen Baniaga. She bought the Green Coffee 50 GCA, and together with her diet and exercise, she finally lost weight. She also mentions that it’s the only green coffee supplement that worked for her. 

Another green coffee bean weight loss success story is Michelle Tantoco. She took Healthful Papa’s Green Coffee Extract earlier this year.

And after a month, she says that she has lost 2 kilos. 

And I won’t mention the hundreds of obese people who have lost weight by participating in the green coffee research. 


Green coffee bean extract for weight loss works. However, keep in mind that not all supplements are made the same.

Some supplements don’t contain what it says on the label. Others may contain fillers to cut costs. 

There are also horror stories of supplements claiming to be GMP certified, yet their facility looks like the photo below:

example of a none-gmp certified facility
[source: FDA]

When you buy supplements, peruse the company. Are they legit? Will they be around for a long time? 

Do they have an active website and social presence or just for show? Can they produce GMP certifications and ingredients analysis?

Asking these questions can help you buy supplements that work.

Also, when it comes to supplements for weight loss, there is no magic pill. Supplements are only there to help you with your efforts.

You have to want it like your life depends on it, which is true. Obesity can increase your risks of many diseases, increasing your mortality rate.

Stay healthful.


How to use green coffee bean extract for weight loss?

The best form of green coffee and most convenient is in a capsule. Take two of Green Coffee 50 GCA twice a day. You can take them half an hour before a meal or exercise.

Best green coffee bean extract?

The best green coffee bean extract is Healthful Papa’s Green Coffee 50 GCA. You can easily pop a capsule in your mouth. No mess and no fuss. You don’t have to buy ours. Just make sure you buy from distributors who manufacture from GMP certified, and FDA registered facility in the USA. Now it’s easy to put on a label. Make sure you can verify their claims by asking for GMP certification and product analysis. 

“I have the metabolism of a sloth and a body that hates putting on muscles. This curse motivated me to study weight loss and nutrition. I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you achieve your ideal body.”

— Christian Tanobey

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