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Motivation to workout at home (8 tips to keep motivated)

motivation to workout at home

You get up in the morning.

Have your shower, or not.

Play games.

Watch TV.

Go toilet.

Play games.



How do you find the motivation to workout at home?

Finding the motivation to workout at home

With the current situation, pandemic and all, the majority of our time is spent at home.

Which can lead to being sedentary. 

If you’re not moving around, you’re not expending those calories you ate.

You must find the time to workout at home to lose those extra calories. 

But, I know how hard it is to start, especially when you have too many things to occupy the time.

There are too many things to do.

You have your Playstation, Xbox, PC, Books, or T.V.

I used to be a gamer, and most of my time was spent playing League Of Legends.

I hated my friend after introducing me to the game because that is what I used to do most of the time.

However, I still found the time to workout. 


Well, because I know that if I don’t, I will be fat. It’s simple as that.

But, it’s not just about thinking about getting fat if you don’t exercise, it’s also about doing.

Yes, it’s easy to say, I need to exercise to lose the cheesecake I just ate.

But then you won’t follow through.

You’ll just brush it off like it’s nothing and go back to reading a book, bingeing on Netflix, or playing games.

So, what do you do?

Step 1: Burn your Playstation and make space

No, I’m only joking. You don’t have to burn your Playstation or Xbox. But you can, however, make space for your workouts.

Even if you have a tiny apartment, you can find space to put your dumbbells or yoga mat down.

My exercise space is my office, where I spend the majority of my time.

There’s enough room for me to jog in place, lift my dumbbells, do some arm curls or squats.

There are many exercises you can do in little spaces.

Look, you don’t’ have to run, play sports, or need a football field to lose weight.

Heck, you can lose weight just by walking around the room.

When you have a dedicated space for your workout, the more inclined you are to exercise.

Having your workout space is an excellent motivator for exercise, knowing that everything is ready. There’s no need to reshuffle the furniture or move things around.

It’s also a great reminder to workout.

Step 2: Set a fixed amount of time to workout

Thirty minutes to one hour is all you need to get your workout done. 

Some parents are probably thinking, one hour? I’ll be happy with five minutes.

I’m a father of an attention seeking energetic baby, but I still find the time to workout.

Usually, when she sleeps or my partner looks after her giving me time to exercise.

What if you don’t have a partner or your baby only has a nap for less than 30 minutes.

Stop making excuses. 

If you want to get fit, you need to find the time. 

You can do it at night time after the baby sleeps.

Or, wake up really early in the morning before baby starts yelling.

I know what you’re going to say, “oh I’m too tired by then.”

You don’t have to spend hours upon hours to build muscle or lose weight.

It’s the quality, not the quantity.

When you do cardio, don’t half-ass the work.

I recommend 20 minutes of cardio to maximize your weight training.

And if you are short on time, you can accomplish many things in half an hour.

If you don’t half-ass your cardio, you can sweat a lot of calories in 10 minutes.

The following 20 minutes can be a great weight lifting session for one muscle group.

However, try to set aside one hour for your workouts and do the next step.

Step 3: Make it a habit

We are habitual species. 

We tend to follow through when we have a set schedule.

Take advantage of what makes us human.

Set a schedule for your workouts.

It can be after work, when the baby sleeps at night, or when your partner can take over.

The best time is in the morning for me, but it could be different for you.

For me, this prevents procrastination later on during the day.

After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is rest.

I was doing physical work before, but I always managed to go to the gym.

Which takes me to the next step.

Step 4: Develop a mindset

Look, developing or changing your mindset is extremely hard.

That’s why most people quit and fail in their weight loss journey.

I know I do. Even when I have a pretty good foundation, I still stuff up.

I gained extra 3 kilos during the holidays. 

I blame the cheesecake, but it was me.

The cheesecake didn’t point a gun at my head and say, eat me.

No, I did that.

Accountability is something you have to practice as well.

Stop making excuses for your actions or inactions.

When you stop blaming others and take responsibility, it is a new world.

There are many books on Amazon that can help you.

It doesn’t have to be a fitness book. You can buy Tonny Robbins’ books or find leaders in motivation and personal development.

The hard part of body development is building the foundation of a great mindset.

Exercise is easy, dieting is hard, but having the perfect mindset is the hardest. And mindset can make or break your success.

Step 5: Have workout buddies

Even when you do have the right mindset, there are times when you just say, fuck it. I’m having a day off.

However, what if your friends call you to hang out at the drive-in?

You’ll go in a heartbeat.

But what if your friends want you to go exercise instead?

It’s more fun to do things with people you love.

And friends can be a great motivator to exercise.

You can still have your friends over to workout even in these pandemic times. Just remember to keep your distance. Not that anyone will know anyway.

Technology has come a long way. 

You can now call people for free using the internet face to face.

How about you set up a dedicated time with your friends to have a Zoom call and workout together?

That way, you are keeping your distance and prevent the spread while keeping in shape.

Step 6: Do something you love

Have you ever felt so good after a workout?

Think of that feeling every day to motivate you to take out the yoga mat and dumbbells.

When you dread doing the exercise, and you find yourself saying to yourself, “NOT AGAIN!”

The simple solution is to do what you love.

If you hate yoga, if you think it’s boring, change it up.

How about a skipping rope?

Run in place?

Wii Fit? Wii Fit is fun, and it keeps you active.

When you get bored, do something else. 

Keep it fun and change it up when you get sick of it.

Step 7: Ask how

Since you are reading this, you’re already doing this step.

But, if you don’t know where to start after a quick read, you can ask people in the health and fitness space.

Do you have someone at work who is pretty fit? Why don’t you try asking them what they do? How do they continually go to the gym for hours on end? What motivates them?

For me, it’s my daughter.

I want to be there for her when she grows up.

You need to dig deep and find that factor.

I can’t find it for you.

You need a reason to change. 

Aren’t you sick of seeing your big self in the mirror?

Aren’t you tired of being tired?

Do you want to be healthy?

Death is also a great motivator.

Do you know that your belly fat is an excellent indicator of your health status?

The bigger it is, your risk of diseases is higher.

If that doesn’t make you move then, you need to find the motivation. 

Perhaps you don’t’ really care what happens to you. But, think about your loved ones. How will they feel? Who will provide for your child? 

Or your partner. How will he or she cope by herself?

There are many variables to developing a mindset. It’s different for everyone. 

Step 8: Supplements can help

Supplements can help you lose weight.

In saying that, supplements are not magic bullets.

The sooner you know this, the sooner you will lose weight.

Supplements work, but they are only there to help.

For example, green coffee or MCT oil can boost energy or burn more calories while you work out.

Or, supplements can alleviate your joint pains so you can be active. Turmeric is an excellent supplement for arthritic pains.

Be wary, though. Everyone is different when processing food. That’s why what works for some will not work for others.

However, green coffee extract is great as a pre-workout and helps you burn more calories.

MCT oil can also give you the energy or help you reach ketosis and stay there.

Be careful of weight loss products because most of the research is unsubstantiated.

The research is small or done on mice.

How many ingredients they put can also vary for each manufacturer.

Some manufacturers are not GMP compliant. 

Read dangers of supplements.


Finding the motivation to workout at home can be challenging, but it’s crucial to your success.

Just imagine you don’t have the right mindset to exercise daily or every couple of days?

Or the willpower to not have second servings of that creamy cheesecake.

Even if you lose track, with a strong foundation, you will get back on. I know I’ve fallen the wagon a few times. But I always get back on.

Mindset is critical in everything we do. In finance, in wealth, in health, in life. A strong mindset is what makes the mediocre great.

Buy a book, watch a motivator, listen to the leaders in podcasts. If you have the humility to admit your wrongs and be open to what others have to say, and the motivation, you can succeed.

“I have the metabolism of a sloth and a body that hates putting on muscles. This curse motivated me to study weight loss and nutrition. I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you achieve your ideal body.”

— Christian Tanobey

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