Returns Policy

Our return policy is simple.

If you don’t like our product, send the item back to us, and we’ll give you your money back.

You will bear the cost of shipping the items back to us. Please contact us for the return address.

Please review the following policies carefully.

Healthful Papa will accept the return for any of the following cases:

1. Order not Received.

Healthful Papa will not deal with the refund or resend if the tracking information shows the order is delivered. If you did not receive the package, a non-delivery certification issued by the local post office with an official seal is necessary.

2. Incorrect or Missing Products.

Healthful Papa has a strict quality control process before products are dispatched. For incorrect products, Healthful Papa offers a full refund or replacement.

3. Orders Cancellation.

For order cancellation, Healthful Papa offers a full refund before warehouses have processed products. Please let us know within 24 hours before the order has been processed.

Healthful Papa does NOT accept returns due to the following:

1. Unforeseeable Circumstances.

Healthful Papa takes no responsibility for any product damaged or shipping delay caused by the act of God, including but not limited: epidemic situation, international situation, strike, war, earthquake, flood, virus, storm, heavy snow, customs inspection. 

2. Unacceptable Disputes.

Healthful Papa shall not accept any unreasonable disputes, including but not limited to:

  • The product description is not real.
  • The buyer ordered the wrong items or SKU.
  • The shipping address was provided incorrectly.
  • Tracking information deleted by logistics companies or local post offices.

Healthful Papa always tries to offer the best service. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Return Address

Products can be returned to Healthful Papa’s distribution center only. Please contact us when you want to return an item.