How Many Supplement Pills is too Much?

Over the years, it has become a culture for many people to take loads and loads of supplements during their daily routine. 

One of the primary reasons for this is the decrease in nutrient-rich foods on shelves; hence, doctors recommend these supplements to add to the little nutrients we get these days.

A survey published in 2017 finds that in the United States alone, about 70% take a supplement daily, a share of 55% brings more than one. 

While a whopping percentage of 29%of the population takes more than five supplements daily. 

So you could be asking yourself how many supplement pills is too much; to answer this question, we have outlined the best answers to this question in this post.

How many supplement pills is too much guide

lady thinking if she's taking too much supplement pills
Too much supplement pills?

There is a lot of reason why you need to avoid overtaking your supplements. For example, too much zinc or vitamin C can cause diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps. 

Excess intake of Vitamin D can lead to death. Taking some other supplements above normal could lead to nerve damage, gastrointestinal upset, hair loss, fatigue, among others.

There is no general way of knowing how many supplement pills is too much because supplements aren’t the same more is their sizes or mg the same. Hence, you can use the following ways to know how many supplement pills you are taking.

Check The Dosage of The Supplement. 

You can know how many supplement pills are too much by sticking to the daily value of such a supplement. Anything above the daily value is too much. 

The daily value is how much of a nutrient that you must get daily for healthy living.

Adhere to The Tolerable Intake Limits 

Some years ago, the institute of medicine released a report with a list of the ‘tolerable upper intake level‘ for minerals and vitamins. You can check out this list to know if you are taking too many supplement pills.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re a pregnant woman or a special needs person, you must ensure to talk to your doctor about the prescribed vitamin and minerals and the dosage you have to take them. 

In the same way, anyone taking supplement pills must also talk to their doctors to know how much of the supplement pills is too much.

Read The Label of The Supplement

Ensure that you read the labels of all the supplements you buy either as prescriptions or over-the-counter medication. 

This is to understand more about the supplement, for example, if it could counteract other drugs or the food you take. 

You can also know how many pills of the accessory are too much by reading the label.

What’s more? Testing the label allows you to stay updated on the supplement and its ingredients.


Many people don’t know that many disadvantages come with taking excess and loads of supplements than their body needs. This is one primary reason why you must know how many supplement pills are too much. 

Taking these supplement pills than you recommended has no real advantage, and in most cases, you pee it out as urine.

You will stay within the recommended parameters of your supplement intake using the options listed above. 

However, you must know that your doctor is the ultimate judge and best resource to answering how much supplement is too much. So, please talk to them because your health matters.

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