Supplements for belly fat only (Proven by research)

Let me dispel some of the myths regarding fat loss. 

You can’t target fat. 

You can’t tell your body where to burn fat or lose weight.

The same goes for supplements.

Supplements for belly fat only, do not exist.

I have not seen any research that supports fat loss in one area.

I’m sorry, but you’ve been lied to.

You can only try to reduce your “overall” body fat.

In some people, their belly fat is the first to go. Others, it’s the last.

Here’s the research: 

In conclusion, the training program was effective in reducing fat mass, but this reduction was not achieved in the trained body segment. The present results expand the limited knowledge available about the plastic heterogeneity of regional body tissues when a localized resistance training program is applied.

by: Regional fat changes induced by localized muscle endurance resistance training

Supplements for belly fat only is a myth

supplements for belly fat only
Supplements and belly fat

Now that you know you can’t buy supplements for belly fat only, here is a supplement that has gone through human clinical trials and is proven by scientific studies.

I’ve researched, reviewed, and tried many weight loss products. The following link will take you to the reviews: Weight loss product reviews.

As you can see, I’ve reviewed more than a dozen of weight loss supplements. Through my research on the best weight loss supplements, I found one that is very effective when it comes to appetite suppression. 

Not only does it have a proven track record, but studies also show its effectiveness, and I’ve tested it myself. 

[source: Effects of green coffee extract supplementation on anthropometric indices, glycaemic control, blood pressure, lipid profile, insulin resistance and appetite in patients with the metabolic syndrome: a randomised clinical trial]

You may not have heard of our very own Healthful Papa’s Green Coffee 50 GCA, but it’s very effective when it comes to making you feel full.

I would typically recommend Turmeric Bioperine for weight loss, but it’s not effective when you’re not obese from experience. 

Turmeric has many studies about its effectiveness against obesity. However, the studies were only done on obese individuals.

[source: Turmeric effect]

Therefore I took it out from the original article and left with only one recommendation.

Green Coffee 50 GCA for belly fat

Many weight loss supplements do not work. 

But there are a few that does what it says it does.

Green Coffee 50 GCA is one of them.

Here’s a quick video summarizing my experience with the GC50:

Honest truth. I’m not one of those people who can shed weight easily.

I’m the exact opposite, which I put on fat fast and have a hard time building muscle. 

On top of that, I have a voracious appetite. I really can have seconds and eat my cheesecake too.

I know too well about the yo-yo weight loss. I”m on the weight gain stage at the moment. 

I’ve lost 6.6 pounds on the Green Coffee 50 GCA in 3 weeks. Only to put one kilo back on when I went off it.

I’ve finished testing the Turmeric Bioperine, a failed experiment when it came to weight loss.

However, Turmeric Bioperine’s effectiveness against inflammation is irrefutable. And I can attest to its powerful benefits.

We are talking about losing weight, though. I am trying to lose weight. No, to be precise, I am trying to lose fat. 

I know how hard it is to find that supplement that makes losing weight much more effortless. Or simply a weight loss supplement that works.

The market is saturated with weight loss magic pills that let you lose 3 pounds overnight. Don’t believe the hype.

The Green Coffee 50 GCA will not make you lose weight overnight. But, it will make your weight loss journey much more manageable. 


Again, supplements for belly fat only do not exist. 

You can’t target where to burn fat, no matter what weight loss supplement companies say.

All you can do is lose the overall body fat, and it starts with diet and exercise.

However, for some, losing weight is not easy. Take me, for example. The one thing that keeps me from losing weight is my love for sweets.

The other day I ate a piece of ice cream cake, and one-piece quickly became half a cake.

Yesterday, I promised myself to eat only one cheese tart from Uncle Tetsu. Again, that failed. I gobbled four cheese tarts in one sitting.

What the efff is wrong with me?

I’m back on the Green Coffee 50 GCA next week. I’m confident it will help with my terrible sweet tooth, as it worked before. 

Lose weight with Green Coffee 50 GCA

“I have the metabolism of a sloth and a body that hates putting on muscles. This curse motivated me to study weight loss and nutrition. I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you achieve your ideal body.”

— Christian Tanobey

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