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Can vitamin supplements cause weight gain?

Over the years, there has been an exponential increase in the vitamins and supplements that we take. 

These days, our ideal lifestyle is one that you have to take various vitamins and supplements to ensure the best upkeep of a healthy body. 

This behavior has led to an increase in food fortification, formula supplementation, and, in many cases, excessive vitamin and supplements intake. 

In line with the increase in vitamin and supplements intake, there has been an increase in debates about the impact of these vitamins and supplements on your body. 

Many questions concerning their impacts exist. 

Can vitamin supplements cause weight gain?

Can they cause hair loss? These are, among others, are general questions people ask.

In so many situations, people have reported weight gain from their vitamins and supplement intake. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the top vitamins you take that can cause you to gain weight.

Supplements and weight gain

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Do supplements cause weight gain?

While mere taking is vitamins and supplements does not directly lead to weight gain, unsupervised and excess intake that doesn’t follow the routine can cause weight gain. 

The main reason that leads to vitamins and supplements causing weight gain is taking them with no purpose. Taking vitamins and supplements in large quantities without medical supervision or a doctor’s prescription can lead to weight gain.

Some studies and research show that excessive vitamins and supplements intake, especially synthetic vitamins, more vitamin fortification, and quick vitamin elimination lead to fast weight gain. 

Weight gain from excessive intake of vitamins and supplements is more pronounced in women than men, and it happens more to people with a lower social-economic status (SES).

You must understand that this doesn’t mean that taking vitamins and supplements is the right way to gain weight. Besides excessive intake, there are other reasons why weight gain can occur. These reasons include the following: 

  • reduced metabolism
  • eating unhealthy food like junk and then taking high doses of synthetic vitamins to supplements the natural vitamins you could have gotten from good food
  • Lack of exercise and physical activities, among others, can also trigger weight gain

Several essential vitamins and supplements that you take can very well lead to weight gain in their excess proportion. Let’s take a look at them.

Top Vitamins Which Can Cause You to Gain Weight

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C

Vitamin A

Can vitamins and supplements cause weight gain? Yes, they can, especially vitamin A.

 Research has shown that even though vitamin A is super effective for protecting your senses and cells growth, it can promote obesity, especially its deficiency. 

This feature is usually so taken it is taken in excess and is not converted into energy or taken out as urine. 

Hence, this has been a good option over the years for women who wanted to gain weight, and studies show that it has been effective at giving them the weight gain they want.

Vitamin B

For many reasons, people can gain weight from eating disorders which is one of the effects of vitamin B deficiency. 

In a bid to solve this problem, deficiency sufferers might be encouraged to take vitamin B. However, vitamin B can increase appetite and, in turn, increased food consumption and eventually weight gain.

What’s more? Further research has shown that the Folate in vitamin B causes increased weight and muscle tone. 

Vitamins B can even lead to a faster weight gain when taken in excess, stay in the body, and aren’t put to use in any way.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the top over-the-counter drugs quickly taken in excess both naturally, as a supplement, and as a food fortification. The reason is that it is seen as one of the safest supplements to take. 

Unnatural synthetic Vitamin C has been known to cause more weight gain than natural ones. 

The intake of vitamin C impacts metabolism in your body. This impact on metabolism levels can make you overcome, and if you’re eating junk, you can gain weight faster as you try to compensate for the absence of vitamin content in junk food. 

However, the imbalance in metabolism levels can cause you to eat more and gain weight. In some cases, vitamin C  deficiency also denies the body access to fat molecules, eventually leading to weight gain.

Why Do Vitamins And Supplements Cause Weight Gain?

Weight gain results from many things, including changes in what you eat, the absence of physical activities, stress, emotional and psychological factors, and quick vitamin elimination. 

However, with vitamins and supplements causing weight gain, some significant factors are involved. 

Some of the reasons why vitamins and supplements cause weight gain are increased energy levels and metabolism. 

These vitamins and supplements can cause quick metabolism and increase your appetite, making you eat more and eventually gain weight.

How Can You Manage Your Weight During Vitamins And Supplements Intake?

You must monitor your weight during increased vitamin supplements intake. 

A rapid and drastic increase in weight can impact your body’s state of health. Hence you must ensure that your vitamins and supplements do not lead to such a step up.

Deficiencies in some vitamins could also cause imbalances in your body, affecting your body weight. However, increase intake can make you feel bloated. Too much of a good thing can also have adverse effects.

The best way to manage your weight when you start taking an increased dose of vitamins and supplements is to have a detailed understanding of your body and health status. 

Knowledge of your genetic background will also give you a clear view of the best vitamins you need. 

However, your potential to gain weight from vitamin supplements has a lot to do with your DNA, health history, and external environment. 

Your genetic makeup might make it difficult for vitamins to make you gain weight if you do not have a history of obesity in your family. 

In contrast, they easily affect your weight if you have a history of obesity in your family. Hence, consider these factors when altering your vitamin and supplements intake.


These three vitamin types and added supplements can weight gain, and for the best experience and use, you must manage their intake with a diet plan. 

You can consider focusing on the natural sources of these vitamins. You must ensure you understand the nature of your body to know the best vitamin that you need.

What’s more? It is a prerequisite that you consult your doctor before increasing your intake of vitamins and supplements. 

In some cases, your doctor might ask that you gain weight and prescribe vitamins and supplements under supervision, especially for pregnant women.

Obesity isn’t the only negative side effect of vitamins and supplements. 

They can cause diarrhea, bloating, etc. 

Remember to exercise and follow a healthy diet plan for the best benefits from the vitamins and supplements you take.

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