Testosterone And Sex Drive

Health is wealth, especially when we talk about the health of men.

Testosterone is a vital hormone that regulates different body functions to keep men healthy.

But if we talk about its key function, it would be to enhance the sex drive of men.

Testosterone and sex drive are linked together.

Since both are related, a change in one also has a huge impact on the efficiency of the other.

Over time the levels of testosterone witness a decrease.

The facts show that the peak is observed in the first years of adulthood, but once you reach the mark of 40, you will witness a 1% fall every year.

Also, accidents and traumas can cause a sudden decrease.

What Is The Role Of Testosterone In Your Body

The role of testosterone is vital in males since it has enormous effects on their manhood. The role of testosterone is majorly related to developing the penis and testes, men’s reproductive organs.

Once men hit puberty, the deepening of their voices is also an effect of testosterone. The growth of facial hairs along with the hairs in the pubic region and balding in the later stages of life is also a job of testosterone.

The increased muscle strength, bone growth, and sperm production result from testosterone production. Testosterone and sex drive or libido are directly related. With the increase in testosterone, the sex drive of males also increases and vice versa.

Although these are some of the roles of testosterone that have been discovered, we also came across the fact that the hormone in question plays a vital role in maintaining a regular mood.

How Will Testosterone Improve Sex Life?

There is a huge population who is concerned about their sex life and want to bring an improvement. The low levels of testosterone in the body of both males and females might cause a low sex drive that can negatively impact your relationship life.

If you want your life to come back to its normal cycle, you have to go for testosterone therapy. The therapy will help increase the levels of testosterone and sex drive in males. Suppose you want to replenish yourself with a good mood and an overjoyed romantic relationship.

In that case, you must seek testosterone therapy because the increased testosterone levels cause the desire for sexual intercourse or arousal.

  • The common problem of erectile dysfunction among males can be solved with the help of testosterone replenishment therapy. If the hormone levels in question are stable in your body, then your mood will be uplifted, increasing the desire for sexual activity. 
  • Also, suppose you want to keep fit and have a healthy life; in that case, the increased testosterone level helps you decrease the fats and increase muscle size, making you more energetic during sexual activity. 
  • If you are constantly tired and suffer from sleep problems, then increased testosterone levels might do the trick in giving you a better sleep.

8 Ways To Boost Sex Drive With Low Testosterone

The problem of low testosterone and sex drive is expected in the modern-day population. Therefore, if you want to enhance your sex drive even with the low testosterone levels, you must look at the below-mentioned tips that will help you enjoy a healthy and more romantic sexual relationship.

First of all, it is of the utmost importance that you get diagnosed with low testosterone levels. Once it is done, then you can start the replenishment process. To gain your life back, you should start with the exercises.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is the best way to increase libido and sex drive. According to an estimate, taking out 200 minutes from your weekly exercise schedule will positively affect your testosterone levels. You do not have to go for intensive exercises. Moderate-intensity exercises will work just fine. 

  1. Therapy for emotions

A person’s emotions play a vital role in regulating his body functions; therefore, if you want to have a stable sexual relationship, then you should not allow your deteriorating mood to affect your testosterone levels. Therefore, if you have suffered a trauma in the past or any emotional break, then you must consult a therapist and talk this problem out. This will help you in achieving a more robust sexual desire. Also, it will help you in stabilizing your moods that will eventually uplift your sexual life.

  1. Medications

Nowadays, the usage of the over counter drugs has increased, and every other person is suffering from polypharmacy. These medications harm your sexual life, and they might be the prime reason for the loss of desire. Therefore, to sort it out, you must review medication usage. Also, consulting a physician will help you understand whether any of your medications harm your sexual life or not. Consider boosting testosterone and sex drive naturally with some proven to work supplements like Boosted, Man Max, or Ashwagandha.

  1. Body Appreciation

The body will only help you if you appreciate it, and to do so, it is advised that you exercise together with your partner. Also, several programs help the couples have therapy such as yoga together to appreciate the physical features of each other and increase the testosterone levels of the body.

  1. Fantasizing

Every person has some fantasies regarding their life. These fantasies are linked with all life matters, ranging from professional problems to sexual activities. You always want to live the experience of your fantasy. Therefore, if you want to enhance your sexual relationship even with the low testosterone levels, you must structure your fantasy sexual relationship and live it in real life. This will uplift your mood and positively affect your testosterone levels and sex drive.

  1. Sense of touch

To live a healthier sexual relationship, it is of the utmost importance that you have developed a sense of nonverbal communication with your partner. This can be developed with the help of gentle touch therapy. If you engage in gentle touching and massaging of your partner, including some cuddling and stroking, you will witness increased sexual desire. Even with low testosterone levels, you will be able to connect with your partner, which will help you make your performance better during sexual intercourse.

  1. Communication

One of the most common problems is the limited communication among the partners. Since it has been experienced that when the partners are suffering from a low sex drive, they tend to hide such details and not talk about it. This worsens the situation; therefore, you must take your partner in confidence and let her know that it is not her fault if you want to stabilize your libido. Also, it would be best if you talk about whether group therapy with a professional will help you out or not.

  1. Planning

Planning is the most wonderful part of the sexual experience. Therefore, if you start planning and imagining your experience beforehand, it will help you increase your testosterone levels and have a perfect engagement with your partner.

Does Testosterone Affect Women’s Sex Life?

Although we have witnessed that the increased testosterone levels have positive effects on the sexual drive of males. Similarly, if we look at the females, the data is still insufficient.

Still, according to the available research, it is evident that testosterone levels also affect the sexual drive in women.

Also, the latest studies have helped us understand that in women suffering from post-menopausal issues, boosting testosterone levels can positively impact their sexual desires, and it might witness an increase.

A group of women who took low-dose estrogen-testosterone medications has relayed their concerns that they have been experiencing increased sexual desire.

Similarly, if we compare these results with the women who are only taking estrogen medications, then the women taking testosterone therapy have reported more sexual desire than other groups.

This is a piece of evidence that testosterone also helps in increasing sexual desire in women. Although currently, the FDA has not approved any drug associated with the increased sexual desire among women, physicians have been performing clinical studies by offering androgens to women with low sexual desires, and the results are fascinating.

Other Causes Of Low Sex Drive

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a cause of different health-related issues. But according to recent studies, people who are addicted to alcohol and have at least 14 mixed drinks in a single week witness reduced testosterone and sexual desire. Since this consumption continues, therefore, a considerable drop in testosterone levels is inevitable.

  1. Medications

Not just alcohol, the medications being used by the people also play a vital role in decreasing their testosterone levels. Especially the drugs belonging to different pharmaceutical families have this effect, including beta-blockers, corticosteroids, chemotherapy for cancer, and steroids. There are some other medications too. All of these drugs have different effects on the sexual life of males. Mainly these drugs cause prevention in ejaculations and erections.

  1. Stress

The prevailing conditions in a person’s life also significantly impact his sexual life. Stress and depression are the conditions that reduce testosterone and sexual desire in males. The reason is that these mode swings can disturb the average level of hormones in your body, thus disturbing all other biological activities, including sexual desire. According to a study, both genders are affected by stress. Therefore, stress management techniques and exercise might help immensely to overcome this situation.


Living a healthier and good sexual life is a dream of every person.

Also, it keeps you fit and healthy.

At the same time, low testosterone levels and sex drive can also lower your self-esteem and cause psychological issues.

Therefore, it is mandatory to regularly monitor and regulate your testosterone levels to avoid any discrepancy.

“I have the metabolism of a sloth and a body that hates putting on muscles. This curse motivated me to study weight loss and nutrition. I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you achieve your ideal body.”

— Christian Tanobey

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