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Weight loss journey month 4

Hi guys, gals.

Weight loss journey week, no wait, month 4 is on the way!

Wow, it’s been that long.

Anyhoo. I bought a weight loss supplement to help me.

The supplement is called Meticore.

I started on the Meticore supplement to burn off this fat.

I won’t be checking my weight until after 7 days of taking Meticore.

Check out the Meticore review video below.

December 6, 2020

My initial weight was 68 kilograms when I started on the Meticore pills.

Why did I gain weight?

The lack of accountability.

I haven’t been posting my weight loss journey on Youtube. And, I lost it.

More like I gained those weight back.

December 10, 2020

Well, I forgot to vlog about my breakfast this morning and my lunch. I’m so out of it sometimes.

I haven’t been counting my calories for a month now. And now that I’m taking this weight loss supplement called Meticore, I completely stopped.

For a week, to see the effectiveness of Meticore, I am not doing resistance training nor cardio.

Let’s see if I lose weight, or gain weight, or no change at all by the end of the week.

December 16, 2020

I forgot pretty much everything. I didn’t blog or vlog too much about my diet during the 7 days.

I only remembered about this post because I had to fix some issues with its meta description. However, now that I am here, I want to recap what happened.

Before taking Meticore, the weight I’ve lost came back. I did lose focus after I stopped vlogging my weight loss journey. And, the result was a 3 kilogram gain.

I think I hit my lowest at 65 kilos. Vlogging and blogging can take a considerable amount of time and time that I don’t have. Even harder when you have a kid that always want attention.

Meticore review Youtube

Meticore review Youtube

So, I took Meticore for seven days and I had positive result. My initial weight was 68 kilos. And, I lost 1 kilo by the end of 7 days. But, I didn’t do anything.

Meticore stated that you don’t have to exercise or diet to lose weight. I decided to put their claim to the test. It was a difficult decision because I didn’t want to gain some more kilos.

But, my curiosity got the best of me. I didn’t exercise for 1 week. I was actually surprised at the result. I was expecting a gain or nothing at all.

Meticore exceeded my expectations.

Click on the following for the full review: Meticore reviews.

I didn’t feel no side effects while taking Meticore. But, bear in mind that I was taking it together with the Wellness Box.

Wellness Box is an extra supplement to help you feel better. It did make me feel like I had more energy. But, the Deep Sleep supplement didn’t do anything for me. I still slept for 7 hours.

Some of the supplements in Meticore’s Wellness Box had a bit of smell to them. The Meticore supplement itself didn’t have a smell. But it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t keep it down.

The pills weren’t massive and went down easily without water. However, don’t take the 6 pills all in one go. You might choke. If you do take them all at once, have water ready.

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