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Weight loss journey month 8

This is the 8th month of my weight loss journey.

The month is April. The year 2021. Today is the first day.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am not enlisting the help of Green Coffee 50 GCA just yet.

I want to see if I can lose the flab without supplements.

That is the mission this month.

Weight loss journey month 8 Week 1

I haven’t been doing much cardio as of late. I’ve been concentrating on my strength training.

As a result, there is no weight loss.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s harder to fight my sugar cravings as well as stuffing myself silly in every meal.

April 4, Sunday

Easter gathering

Did I mention I hate gatherings?

I love my family and friends but parties are one of the biggest saboteurs of my weight loss journey.

You already know that I’m a glutton. I can eat.

Even worse when it comes to sweets. One look at Krispy Kreme donuts and I’m hook.

One taste of sweet caramel and I’m in heaven binge eating.

I can feel the difference without Green Coffee.

We had to go attend an Easter gathering our friends prepared for their family and friends.

There were sweets, plenty of food, crisps. I couldn’t stop myself from eating the whole day. Not to mention that I had 4 cups of coffee.

Easter sweets

I don’t know how many chocolate eggs I had that day. Too many to count.

There was baklava, mud cake, lamingtons, cheesecakes, ice cream, pavlova, and some I can’t remember.

It was fun but not great when trying to lose weight. Gatherings can put a road block to your health journey.

That’s why it’s important to have a diet we can stick to for the rest of our life.

If you’re just going to on a diet that is hard to sustain, you’ll go back to square one guaranteed.

I am not off to a good start. Hope the second week brings better tidings and have more self control over the food I eat.

April 11, Sunday

Today is Sunday and marks the end of week 2 of my weight loss journey.

Yesterday was a celebration of my brother in law’s birth.

And of course, there were many, many, food.

KFC was on the menu, plenty of crispy chicken drumsticks with the familiar KFC flavor.

I used to love KFC so much that every time I had it I always say I can have KFC every single day.

And one week I did. All I ate was KFC and got so sick of it, I couldn’t look at chicken meat for a month.

To top off the night, there was deep fried ice cream and thick and creamy caramel cheesecake.

I can’t show you photos because I gobbled the cake up before taking one.

So bad.

April 30, Friday

My weight hasn’t gone down at all, woefully gained a kilo this month.

I’m hoping next month, May, I can turn things around.

The struggle is real.

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