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Weight loss journey month 9

Looks like I’m not getting any skinnier.

I haven’t taken a single supplement yet.

And, I won’t be for a while.

I decided to gain some muscles as it’s winter now.

It’s freezing!

Since it’s cold, I can cover up any belly fat gains with bulky clothes.

Weight loss journey month 9 week 1

Today is May 1, 2021.

Building muscle needs plenty of calories. That’s why it’s hard to make muscle while losing fat.

My body type doesn’t like muscle much. It really is not built to create muscles.

But, with my new found knowledge, I’ll see if I can get “swole.”

Week 2

Today’s date is May 8, 2021.

I am focusing on eccentric workout nowadays.

Eccentric workout is the lengthening of the muscle.

We’ll use the push up as an example. The eccentric phase of the push up is the lowering of the body to the ground.

The eccentric phase is done slowly and I had to reduce the weights to be able to do the slow and controlled movement.

Week 3

Today is May 15, 2021.

To prevent plateauing, try shocking the muscles by varying your workouts.

The eccentric workout is another way to shock the muscle.

I started with normal lifts, then went heavy, and now I’m concentrating on eccentric exercises.

Eccentric exercises doesn’t increase my delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

However, eccentric movements is a great method to prevent injuries or to treat and rehabilitate patients.

Week 4

Today is May 30, 2021.

I haven’t measured anything but I can feel my gut growing.

It’s only been a month and my pot belly is coming back.

I’ve been eating quite a lot lately since I decided to make this gain season.

I can’t seem to button up my jeans without sucking my stomach in.

The thought of having a big belly again is making me regret trying to gain weight.

I’ll try to mix things up a bit by doing intermittent fasting on some days.

Next month, I’m going to stop the eccentric exercises and lift heavier weights.

That should keep the muscle from being complacent.

See you in the next month’s blog.

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