My Weight Loss Journey Week 1

Weight loss journey Week 1 – Starting weight

Day 1 is the official start of my weight loss journey, but it fell on a Friday. But, I wanted the beginning of the week on Mondays.

Day 1, Friday, 21, August 2020 is officially the first day. But, let’s start week 1 on the 24th of August, 2020.

And we start the week with a hefty, 69.4 kg. Hopefully, it will go down by next Monday.

Day 1

Friday, 21 August 2020

This is day one of my weight loss journey. Most people are shocked when I take off my shirt and see a jelly physique. My shirt does an excellent job of hiding my fatty appearance.

I started heavier at 72 kilograms, but this weight loss journey commences at 70 kilograms. I should have created videos two months ago. 

Well, this is me—fat, chubby, and round. Let’s see if I can get a few ab lines by the time summer comes, December.

weight loss journey day 2

Day 2

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Day two of my weight loss journey and man, I messed up! I overate for dinner. To top it off, I just had yummy desserts: diabetes-inducing sugar and artery-clogging fats. What a great way to officially document a weight loss journey. Big fail. Sorry? I’ll bounce back, though. 

weight loss journey ruined

Day 3

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Not much to see here, but then again, it’s going to be the same every day. What you’ll learn though, is how I lose weight. For example, the food I eat, workouts, supplements, and you will get to see the cutest toddler in the world (it’s my baby, so I’m biased).

Day 4

Monday, 24 August 2020

Weight – 69.4 kg

I’ve been trying to lose weight for four days now, and I just checked my weight. I am now 69 kilograms. A kilo lighter than last week. Although I lost a kilo, I still have this big belly. The weight loss isn’t significant enough to reduce the tummy. As you can see in the video below:

I went to the park to do some work and get my exercise out of the way. I ran in place and played a little game of basketball.

Day 5

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Today is my fifth day on the weight loss train. I feel I did a lot today. I got my work done, exercised, ran some errand for my mum, and put my baby to sleep. Today is the 25th of August, 2020, and I’m feeling strong. I ate the usual lentil sandwich, some strawberries, sultanas, and of course, coffee.

Day 6

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

This is day 6 of my weight loss journey. I feel like my gut is shrinking? Damn it, it’s still the same.

I had chicken kiev this morning with 2 sandwiches. The kiev wasn’t great. The sauce was a let down from its crunchy crumbs.

Then I had lentils with garlic sauce for lunch and the same for dinner. I had yogurt with raisins and strawberries for a snack and also coffee. I’m a little wee over the calorie limit, but it should be fine.

A little back story, I tore my left meniscus, and I have lower back problems. I can’t sit down for too long without my lower back hurting. And playing a pick-up basketball game can lead to sore knees for a week.

I wanted a natural remedy to ease my joint troubles, so I turned to turmeric. Turmeric has treated inflammation and other diseases for generations. In many modern clinical trials, turmeric exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

Excited, I bolted to the closest pharmacy and vitamin shop. I bought the most expensive turmeric brand in the shop. But, it felt like I purchased costly water as the turmeric did nothing.

As I did more research on turmeric, I found that it’s hard to get it into our bloodstream. And that turmeric needs some delivery system to get it straight from our mouth into our blood.

I heard great reviews about Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric, and after exhaustive research, I bought one. I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly, Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric improved my joint pain and lower back. I don’t know about reducing my belly fat, but that’s not on my mind right now.

Read all the details and about Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric by clicking on this link.

Day 7

Thursday, 27 August 2020

This is day 7 of my weight loss journey. Back at it again, and today is shoulder day. When working out your shoulders, try to not go too heavy. I’ve seen too many people get shoulder injury from pushing too hard. Try to lift 6 reps as your heavy load, and if you can do more than 12 reps, you should increase the load.

A friend of mine injured his shoulder, and he never fully recovered. He probably lost half of his strength in the injured arm.

I fed the baby girl some eggs and took her to childcare so I can do some work. It’s hard to work when the little one is around. I ate lentils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Boring? I know, I love food after all. But, choosing to be semi-vegetarian is keeping my cholesterol level low, and I eat more vegetables when I’m on this diet.

But why eat lentils all day, every day? Well, lentils pack a lot of protein, and I need to maintain my lean muscle mass. I opted not to drink protein powder for now. Masszymes should double or triple my current protein intake without supplementing it with powders. Click on this link to read my Masszymes review.

Day 8

Friday, 28 August 2020

I know what you are thinking. Why are there 8 days a week?

I started documenting on August 21, 2020, Friday at 70 kilograms, but I began the journey two weeks back at 72 kilograms. And I always check my weight on Mondays, so I scratch the first four days and include it in the first week. So, let’s get over my confusing reasoning, and let’s say this is the first week.

Today is Friday, and after dropping off my little girl at the childcare center, I cooked (concocted) a store-bought veggie patty. I mixed my pan-fried patty with my daughter’s leftovers and toasted two slices of bread.

Then after having breakfast, I worked out my triceps for about 30 minutes. At about 2 PM, I cooked my lunch. And I almost died!

After almost passing out, I proceeded to eat all my lunch because it’s a waste if I don’t eat what I cooked. I had the same for dinner but with salad.

Day 9

Another day August 29, 2020

I had my breakfast pretty early, which is tofu with rice. It’s a family day out today, so I got up nice and first at 7 AM to get things ready for the outing in this lovely sunny weather. We went all the way to Bowral to Corbett Gardens.

After admiring all the flowers, we headed down to Robertson pies, and we had some, obviously, pies. I had a chicken pie, a Portuguese tart, and half of a vanilla slice. At this point, I am stuffed. Overeating is always a problem of mine. Then my little girl and big belly went down to the Kiama blowhole.

Day 10

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Today is the end of the first week, Sunday. I know I messed up.

We had to go to a small gathering today, celebrating my two cousins’ birthday. I know that there will be plenty of food that I love eating, especially desserts, so I weighed myself to see how much I put on the next day.

Today is my rest day, which means no cardio and no resistance training. Just enjoy the day. However, as we got to the party, I could smell the enticing aroma of foods.

The first thing I grabbed is a plate and a fork and proceeded to stuff my already big belly with an ungodly amount of calories.

There were Filipino dishes and Korean dishes—two of the cuisines that I love eating. At this point, I am writing off this week’s weight loss journey. I know that I’ll be over my calories when I leave this party.

It’s supposed to be my rest day today, but I thought I should shed a bit of calorie before bed and did a little cardio—a cardio session without the sweat.

This session is mainly focused on the belly because I haven’t been doing ab work for the longest time. I know some people hate doing crunches. However, having a strong core can improve your balance. Which, in turn, helps prevent falls and supports your body.

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