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Weight loss journey Week 5

Weight loss Journey week 4 recap

Before we get into this week, let’s recap what happened last week. And my weight last week.I had a minor injury last week, or you may not even call it injury. My right achilles heel started to hurt.

I didn’t want to stress the injury by putting pressure on my heel, so I decided to slow down on the exercise.So, I took two days off, which helped. I’m not in discomfort walking down the stairs.

Weight loss journey week 5 starting weight

I guess I’m hitting a bump on the road because my weight hasn’t changed for one week. My starting week on week last week was 66 kilograms.

My starting weight this week is 66.5 kilograms. Seeing no reduction in my weight doesn’t faze me. I can scratch it off as another week and start over. So long as I make progress for the month, I’m good.

Day 32

This is my starting weight for week 5, 66.5 kilograms.

weight check september 21, 2020

My starting weight this week is 500 grams more than last Monday. I guess, I can thank all the junk food I ate. However, it was only two days that I messed up. A mesomorph or an ectomorph wouldn’t be having this problem.

I did have a look at my physical appearance, mainly my belly. And, I am seeing definitions. No matter, we can only keep moving forward. So, let’s get weight loss journey week 5 started.

I should start last week, and this week’s visual comparison.

Today is an eventful day. It always is an eventful day when I’m with my baby daughter. She’s just the type who doesn’t stay still.

Parents with energizer babies will know what I mean.

I made four eggs omelet for breakfast, paired it with tomato and rice. One vegetable/fruit in your staple should be tomatoes.

Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and have proven to help your heart, eyes, and may prevent cancer.

I had my usual lentils sandwich with kewpie mayo for lunch. And for dinner, I ate, one piece of pork chop.

My coffee drinking skyrocketed today, though, with me drinking three cups of coffee. I usually only have one or two.

I worked out my legs today and tried to do one of the Tiktok fitness challenges, but I couldn’t find it in search. The challenge is performing fast steps in 40 seconds. I’m guessing, though. It could’ve been one minute.

I managed to do only 23 seconds. I’m pathetic. Anyway, after that challenge, my Achilles heel started to hurt again. So, I’m skipping rope work for two days.

Watch the video of day 32 below:

Day 33

My weight is the same at 66 kilograms.

weight loss check
weight loss check september 22, 2020
However, I ate so much today. I wouldn’t be surprised if my weight went up with the weigh-in tomorrow. I was my mum’s taxi driver today and had my 2yo in tow.

Everything seems more challenging when you have a little one to look after. I had a quick breakfast because I was running late. Also, my daughter was brushing off her meal as usual.

I had an apple for my snack and deep-fried tofu for lunch and dinner. My cardio lasted for half an hour, and I trained my chest today.

The following is the video of my weight loss journey, day 33:

Day 34

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

My weight for this lovely day is, 67 kilograms.

weight loss check september, 23, 2020
weight loss check september, 23, 2020

I love Wednesdays. I get to spend time with my daughter the whole day and play. You might know me by now, by watching my videos, that I’m not the serious kind of guy.

I’m certain that my weight will be the same by the end of this week, but let’s just pretend that I didn’t write that. Until next time.

Day 35

Thursday, September 24, 2020

weight check daily
weight check september 24, 2020

Weight: 67 kilograms

As I was saying in the vlog, we shouldn’t be focusing on the numbers daily. We should look at it weekly or monthly.

We shouldn’t lose weight and then stop watching what we are eating. Or, stop exercising because we’ve reached our desired goal. It should be a lifestyle.

That is why many people go on a yo-yo diet, including me. I lost the weight before, my abs came out, but what did I do? I ate junk, I ate over my calorie maintenance, and stopped exercising.

We all make mistakes, what matters is that we learn from them.

So, I cleaned the house and I was suppose to clean my mum’s house after but I got lazy. So, I will be going over to my mum’s tomorrow to vacuum and mop. Join me!

I had sour tofu soup for breakfast, a lentil sandwich for lunch, and karaage chicken for dinner. I didn’t do any resistance training today, but I did do half an hour of cardio. See you tomorrow.

Day 36

Friday, September 25, 2020

Weight: 66.5 kilograms

weight check September 25, 2020
weight check September 25, 2020

Cleaned my mum’s house today after having my lentil sandwich for breakfast. I made three lentil sandwich to make up for my carnivore ways in a few days.

So, I wanted to exercise outside but it’s raining cats and dogs. The wind was fierce, ominous thunderous clouds everywhere, and two crows fighting next to my car. I contemplated whether to brave the weather and lose some calories.

I didn’t.

I waited for the wind to ease and the rain to calm. I sat waiting in the car quietly watching young girls and boys half-naked dancing on TikTok. And after an hour, the rain turned mild and the wind mellowed.

The weather calmed but the ground was wet and sprinkles of rain were still falling. I grumbled, “fudge it”! Let’s get this workout started.

So, I did do the 30 minutes cardio. I did some rope work and also some shadowboxing, the usual. However, something happened while I was working that may have turned out another way.

To paint a picture, there was no one around in an empty massive park. It’s dark, with a single light, far away from the public.

As I was shadowboxing, three huge men appeared from nowhere with their loud box pumping. I had my headphone on so I couldn’t hear it until they were three meters close.

I continued to shadowbox, but ready for a fight. But, then I assessed the situation. There are three grown-ass huge men against a short brown guy. Even if I can drop one, I still have to deal with the other two, and who knows what the heck are they packing. My mind switched to flight mode.

I kept my peripheral vision on them like a hawk and ready to bolt to my car. Luckily, they kept walking. You’d think I would have run to the car by now, but no. I had another five minutes to go. So, I finished up and went home.

I got home and had my tofu sour soup for dinner thinking about what could have happened if the three men had bad intentions. This is probably the last time that I will be exercising on that spot at night. If I do, it would be in the daytime.

Well, good night all.

Day 37

Saturday, September 26, 2020

weigh in september 26
weigh in september 26

Weight: 67 kilograms

We had everything planned out for today but something happened which canceled everything.

We were supposed to eat atop one of the tallest buildings in Sydney. walk the beautiful and massive botanical garden, and have a great day out in this wonderful city.

But, when your family needs you, you have to be there for them. So, it was a busy day, which leads me to not exercise. I will just jot this day my rest day. I will make up for it tomorrow.

Day 38

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Weight: 67 kilograms

weigh in september 27
weigh in september 27

Well, we rebooked the tower tour and visited today. We’ve been to New Zealand and saw their tower in Auckland. I always thought that it wasn’t as high as ours in Sydney.

However, it seems I was wrong. Auckland’s tower is taller by 19 meters at 328 meters tall. How do I know? Well, they have a mural comparing towers in every city of the world. It’s great to know that we’ve been to the tallest, the Tokyo tower.

We then had lunch at my partner’s favorite Thai restaurant, Thainatown. I ordered green curry with Coke Zero. I know, it’s not a great option for drinks but it came with the meal.

It was a fun day, and I think it’s better to watch it rather than reading what I wrote. Below is the video of the day that I’ve uploaded on Youtube. I hope you’ll be blown away. And don’t forget to subscribe. Later.

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