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Weight loss journey week 6

Wow! Week 6 already in my weight loss journey. It’s good to report that I am making progress in my weight loss. 

However, I want to remind everyone that what I am doing is about losing weight and gaining muscle. So, I have to be on top of my nutrition. Also, it is more challenging than just losing weight.

Weight loss journey week 5 recap

Here’s what happened last week. My weight was 66.5 kilograms. My Achilles heel is starting to get better, but I can still feel pain now and then.

I might not be writing this week six if something terrible happened when three massive men just came out of nowhere while I was working out at night, alone in the park.

Also, we visited one of the tallest buildings in Sydney, the Centrepoint Tower.

Starting weight of my weight loss journey week 6 

On Monday, September 28, my weight is a solid 66 kilograms, a loss of 500 grams from last week.  

Day 39

Monday, September 28, 2020

weight loss check september 28
weight loss check, September 28, 2020

Weight: 66 kilograms

Well, I had a massive breakfast this morning. I was so stuffed, I was regretting after.

I should have only eaten half of the serving and then eat the other half two or four hours later. But, my hungry appetite got the better of me.

I ate half of my allowed daily calories in just one sitting. You know what this means, cardio!!! 

So, I did an hour’s worth of cardio. It seemed shorter. 

I did my chest today. And, I will be doing my legs tomorrow, together with abs. 

That’s it for Monday. 

Day 40

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

weight check, September 29, 2020
weight check, September 29, 2020

Weight: 66 kilograms

It seems my weight is hovering between the 67 and 66-kilogram mark. Probably, most likely, my weight will be 65 by the end of this week if there are no parties!

I hate parties! Especially Filipino parties. I tend to eat every food on the table. Let’s pray.

I had to do some errands today and look after the baby. I’ve been eating meat as of late. I should cut back soon.

I didn’t do any cardio today, but I trained my legs. Catch ‘yall tomorrow.

Day 41

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

weight check september 30, 2020
weight check september 30, 2020

Weight: 66 kilograms

Well, I am stuck on 66 kilograms. But, I have a feeling this could be the week that finally goes down. I don’t know, I just have a feeling.

Before I start celebrating, let’s go over what I had this for breakfast. I had rice with tofu. The recipe should be uploaded today. Perhaps you’d like to make it, it’s simple and quick.

I had a lentil sandwich with an avocado dip for lunch and it was beautiful. And, for dinner, my partner cooked me udon with beef. She didn’t add enough protein so I added my leftover Italian meatball patties from yesterday.

I trained my abs today and my shoulders. I am also trying to work my way up to a handstand. Wish me luck.

Day 42

Thursday, October 1, 2020

weight loss check, October 1, 2020
weight loss check, October 1, 2020

Weight: 66.5 kilograms

I ate way over my calorie deficit target today. My estimations could be either give or take. But, I did go over, about 500 calories.

My weight did go up by 500 grams, it could be higher tomorrow. My partner was criticizing me about how I am not losing weight quickly in a condescending manner.

How I put in so many hours to get fit, yet, my sides are still fat. I wanted to explain how some people are born with good genetics. While some, like me, have a hard time losing fat and building muscles.

I didn’t bother. I just told her how she can’t hurt me with her words. “Oh yeah? Well, I think I did,” she replied and walked away. You may not believe me, which I respect because I’m like you. I always try to listen to both sides of the story.

Whether you believe me or not, there can be negative people in your life. Don’t let them bring you down. I always like the following quote:

“You are going to die. Do something about it.”

Gary Vaynerchuk – Business person

If you are an entrepreneur, listen to him on his Youtube channel, He provides plenty of value. Just Google his name, Gary Vaynerchuk is everywhere.

Anyways, I am way over my calorie limit for today. So, I am expecting a weight gain tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Day 43

Friday, October 2, 2020

weight loss check october 2, 2020
weight loss check october 2, 2020

Weight: 66 kilograms

We hit Cabramatta today, one of the food meccas in Sydney. If you want traditional Vietnamese food, Cabramatta is the place to be.

However, we ate Yumcha. There are a variety of restaurants popping up in Cabramatta. But they don’t make a profit to stay open long. This Yumcha restaurant provides the best service in all of Yumcha restaurants in Cabramatta, and the food is better than the expensive and popular ones. Hopefully, they will never change.

I also addressed the importance of sleep in weight loss. Hopefully, you know the hunger hormone, ghrelin. If you don’t get enough sleep, you produce this hunger hormone and results in weight gain. Get more than six hours to 8 hours of sleep to prevent a build-up of ghrelin.

I trained my back today using the pull-up bar I bought last week. Very cheap at $20, but it gets the job done.

Day 44

Saturday, October 3, 2020

weight loss check October 5, 2020
weight loss check October 5, 2020

Weight: 66 kilograms

I’m still on 66 kilograms. Perhaps I was wrong to think I’ll be 65 by the end of this week. Doh!

I had a lentils sandwich for breakfast and went straight to the Fish Market in Sydney.

The market was not bustling as it used to. Before the COVID-19, we wouldn’t be able to find a car park nearby at noon.

Today, COVID-19 times, there were many car parks near the Fish Market.

The oysters were so fresh, so my partner and I ate one each. It was beautiful and tasted like the ocean.

My partner bought some fish, calamari, a whole crab, and some other seafood. I don’t know my seafood, to be honest.

There was a cafe selling Campos coffee, so I decided to get my regular cappuccino from there.

My partner got jealous because she likes Campos and asked to get a large one cappuccino for her. We headed home at about 1 PM, and I had a little 20-minute nap.

Day 45

Sunday, October 6, 2020

weight loss check October 6, 2020
weight loss check October 6, 2020

Weight: 67 kilograms

My weight seems to be yoyoing in the 66 and 67 kilograms zone. I thought that I’d be 65 by the end of this week but that just goes to show, you don’t always get what you want. Which I am trying to teach my kid.

We headed to the “Blue beach” as my innocent daughter wanted to call it. She had fun playing with the sand and using other people’s toy shovel and buckets.

After the beach, which we had to pry our daughter out of the sand kicking and screaming, we had coffee and pie.

Actually, we had to carry my daughter kicking and screaming again from the playground. And then we had pies and coffee.

At 6 PM, we had dinner with my mum and my sister’s family at my mum’s house. Everyone was eating fairly healthy, yet my mum was having Hungry Jacks!

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