How to lose the last layer of belly fat in 5 easy steps

last layer of belly fat

How to lose the last layer of belly fat? I also wondered about this question when I hit my lowest weight.

You see, for the longest time, I couldn’t lose the last bit of fat at my side, and I was already at my ideal weight. 

I mean, I am already lean, except the fat bits on my flanks. And I don’t want to lose any more weight because I’d be underweight.

If I’d lose any more weight, the guidelines say I would be under a healthy weight.

I believed this was holding me back…

If you are like me who is already lean with packs showing but with a little spare tire, listen up. Don’t let the scale dictate your physique.

How to lose the last layer of belly fat guaranteed

The following is how to lose the last layer of belly fat, in numerical order:

  1. Throw away the scale.
  2. Be on a clean diet.
  3. Pump weights.
  4. Drink more protein after step 3.
  5. Sweat it out.

1) Throw away the scale

I was only joking about throwing away the scale. Preferably, stop using it for now until you reach your aesthetically pleasing body.

Once you stop going by the numbers, the doubt in your mind will soon fade once you realize that your weight doesn’t necessarily translate to a healthy body.

There are skinny people out there, “skinny fats.” Lean people with the ideal body weight, but they have plenty of fat in their midsection.

Thinking that you are healthy because you are in the normal weight zone, could be detrimental to your wellbeing.

Want to know more about skinny fat? Click on the following link:

2) Be on a clean diet

What you have been doing is working. Since you are now trying to get rid of the last of your belly fat. However, ramp it up by eating very clean.

That means no ice cream or cheesecakes for one whole month! 

If you want it, you have to go and get it. 

It’s not going to come to you.

Your nights are going to be bland from now on because you are going to cut carbs at night.

No rice, no pasta, not white bread, or any bread, no potatoes, no starch carbs. Your focus for dinner is vegetables and lean meats.

3) Pump weights

girl squats

Strength training can make you stronger. Additionally, as you get older, you lose muscles. It’s essential to keep building muscle to support your bones and burn a bit more calories;

although not a significant amount, you would burn more calories with more muscles than fat.

Muscles will make you have a fabulous physique and will be able to carry your toddler for a more extended period when she decides to be lazy. 

Your goal should never be to lose weight but instead focus on being fit and healthy.

4) Drink more protein       

natural protein

Focus on eating more protein in your diet. Pair the protein with a low amount of carbs. Protein will help fix your muscles after tearing it all apart, pumping weights. 

There is this big myth that has been going around for a long while now. That is, hurting your kidneys and liver with excessive protein intake.

The 2005 research suggests that there aren’t enough studies, short term, and long term to blame protein as a cause for renal failure. 

Furthermore, evidence suggests that the changes in renal function, when overloaded in protein, are well within the safe side.

[source: Dietary protein intake and renal function]         

How do you know how much protein to consume? Well, according to the Ministry of Health Australia:


0-6 months10 g (1.43 g/kg body weight)
7-12 months14 g (1.60 g/kg body weight)

Children & adolescents

1-3 yr12 g/day (0.92 g/kg)14 g/day (1.08 g/kg)
4-8 yr16 g/day (0.73 g/kg)20 g/day (0.91 g/kg)
9-13 yr31 g/day (0.78 g/kg)40 g/day (0.94 g/kg)
14-18 yr49 g/day (0.76 g/kg)65 g/day (0.99 g/kg)
9-13 yr24 g/day (0.61 g/kg)35 g/day (0.87 g/kg)
14-18 yr35 g/day (0.62 g/kg)45 g/day (0.77 g/kg)


19-30 yr52 g/day (0.68 g/kg)64 g/day (0.84 g/kg)
31-50 yr52 g/day (0.68 g/kg)64 g/day (0.84 g/kg)
51-70 yr52 g/day (0.68 g/kg)64 g/day (0.84 g/kg)
>70 yr65 g/day (0.86 g/kg)81g/day (1.07 g/kg)
19-30 yr37 g/day (0.60 g/kg)46 g/day (0.75 g/kg)
31-50 yr37 g/day (0.60 g/kg)46 g/day (0.75 g/kg)
51-70 yr37 g/day (0.60 g/kg)46 g/day (0.75 g/kg)
>70 yr46 g/day (0.75 g/kg)57 g/day (0.94 g/kg)


(2nd and 3rd trimesters)
14-18 yr47 g/day (0.82 g/kg)58 g/day (1.02 g/kg)
19-30 yr49 g/day (0.80 g/kg)60 g/day (1.00 g/kg)
31-50 yr49 g/day (0.80 g/kg)60 g/day (1.00 g/kg)
14-18 yr51 g/day (0.90 g/kg)63 g/day (1.1 g/kg)
19-30 yr54 g/day (0.88 g/kg)67 g/day (1.1 g/kg)
31-50 yr54 g/day (0.88 g/kg)67 g/day (1.1 g/kg)

[source: Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand]

However, these numbers never take into account the level of activity for an individual. As a general rule for people who are moderate to highly active, 2x – 3x of your body weight in kilograms.

So, if you are 50 kg, you need to multiply that number by 2 or 3, and you get your ideal protein intake to help you build muscles. In this case, 100g, 150g, respectively.

Get your protein from natural sources, such as cows, lambs, or chickens. 

5) Sweat it out

female sweating it out

Doing activities that makes your heart work is good for your overall health. Think of cardio as strength training for your heart. 

Essentially, cardio is acclimatizing your heart to “heart-pumping” conditions. 

Don’t use your sweat as an indication of how much fat you are burning. Instead, go to our calculators to find the best fat burning zone for you. Below are the links to our calculators:

You will find that even sweating a little tiny bit; you are still losing the right amount of fat. Knowing your minimum fat burning zone allows a safe barrier of entry to working out. 

I know there are accidents, mishaps when someone is new to fitness. The incidents are mainly due to a shock to the body and overexertion.

When your body is not used to the physical demands, and you are trying to maximize your output, this is when a lot of injuries happen. 

It’s great that you want to get fit, stronger, and leaner by working hard. However, health and fitness is a forever game. 

Most people who do not understand this goes through a yo-yo weight experience. They would lose weight, then quickly gain it back. 

You do know, and it’s a lot easier to gain weight than lose it, right? I know, because I too share the love for food.

The best way to sweat it out while not sweating is a walk in the park. I used this to shed 15 kilograms. 

Best of all, I didn’t expose my knee to more battering. My knee is on its way out due to playing like a wannabe NBA star.

Try to go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily or 5 days a week. If you are starting, do a 15 minutes session, then slowly increase the time as your body gets fitter.

But you are here to know how to lose the last layer of belly fat, which tells me that you didn’t pay attention to what I was saying just then. 

Listen up, to lose the last layer of belly fat; you need to do the same. You are nearly there; consistency is the key. 

How to lose the last layer of belly fat: epic conclusion

how to lose the last layer of belly fat

You now know 5 methods on how to lose the last layer of belly fat. You’ll need some tools to measure your progress. Be strict on your diet, hit the weights, and hit the road.

There are no magic pills or bullets to losing belly fat. All it takes is a significant amount of hard work and dedication. Make it epic.